Gideon Tong's Resume

Unfortunately, the resume is no longer available publicly due to privacy reasons. Feel free to reach out for a copy!

Software Engineering Logo

Software Engineering

I have experience with app development, full-stack development, and many common frameworks and platforms. My workflow is highly streamlined and utilizes a variety of tools.

Project Management Logo

Project Management

As the leader of a university-funded research project, I have the experience and communication skills necessary to ensure success in every project, no matter how big or small.

Schematic Design Logo

PCB and Schematic Design

I have experience with schematic capture and board layout, and have designed and prototyped my own PCBs for use in production. (Just show me the datasheet?)

Workflow Logo

Streamlined Workflow

With experience in all major platforms and a toolset that works independent of scenario or environment, my workflow is optimized to be fast and accurate no matter where I go.